Top 10 Spanish Podcasts for Spanish Learners

Spanish is one of the most spoken languages worldwide, as a matter of fact, it is more commonly used than English. It has been around for more than 15 centuries, and trotted around the world along with great empires ruling people throughout our history. Today there are around 20 countries in which Spanish is used and over 400 million speakers around the globe.That is why Spanish is popular as a second language.

There are many ways to learn this romantic language. You can seriously study it by enrolling in a Spanish language department in a university, take a formal language course in an institution, find a Spanish club and be a member, date a Spanish speaking foreigner, or find some free and helpful podcasts.

Among those ways mentioned before, the latest may be highly promising as it is something you can do without having to prepare a certain amount of money or follow a certain fixed schedule. It will not demand your commitment either as you can listen to it right away then stop it any time you feel like taking a break.

However, you surely do not want to spend your time on lousy or difficult podcasts then find yourself learning a little or even nothing. Not every podcast provides you with efficient or maybe just helpful content if you want to learn a second language. Here are top 10 podcasts that will assist you to learn Spanish and without spending any money except for your internet credit, but hey, you can always have a cocktail and get a free wifi connection!

A Zero to Hero

If you are completely unfamiliar with this poetic language, try following their series. Just like the name, the series will show you how to conduct conversations from the very basic parts until you can be fluent in Spanish. You will be listening and following the journey of a student named Catriona and her Spanish teacher named Héctor. Here you will be introduced to verb conjugations, parts of the sentences, and how to create perfect sentences Spanish. Just find them on your favorite medium for podcasts such as iTunes, Spotify, etc.

Discover Spanish

As expected from the title, this podcast will allow you to find Spanish learning from generic daily talks. It allows you to feel like you are genuinely in Spain and find practical learnings. The idea is to listen to two teachers interacting with their students having conversations about what happens everyday as if you really listen to people talking in a Spanish speaking country. The focus here is to enrich your vocabulary and learn how to use them in a real situation. Just what a beginner needs to start his first chit chat with a native speaker.

Notes in Spanish

Another awesome podcast for beginners. By following their series of lessons, you will be provided with helpful sets of learning materials. They not only give you the theory you need to start building your Spanish knowledge, but they have also prepared practices for you in forms of worksheets and transcripts. You will be able to enrich your vocabulary, improve your grammatical range and level, learn the correct pronunciation, and many more. Sure enough, it is a whole learning experience for a beginner.

Hoy Hablamos

Spanish is the only language used in this podcast. Definitely not for a beginner but rather for intermediate and advanced learners. What you will get here is something more elaborate and grammatical. However, they not only provide language learning, but they also give you cultural lessons and stories. A great addition for already knowledgeable subscribers, so they can understand more contextual use of words and phrases in Spanish.

Radio Ambulante

Even though this podcast is designed for more advanced Spanish speakers, it is recommended for learners from all range of levels. The reason is that learners from all levels, even the beginners, will get advantages from just listening to the audio. The exposure to the advanced Spanish allows your brain to be more familiar with it. Just like when you really live in a Spanish speaking country where you can only hear people speak in Spanish. You will learn faster that way. In the audio, you will be able to listen to news stories and cultural stories from all over Latin America.


Now this is the most productive language learning resource, and Spanish podcasts are just parts of their amazing work. Ideally for intermediate and more advanced learners, their series also provide stories. The stories are delivered by Spanish speakers and present worldwide cultural themed talks too. A perfect way to enhance your knowledge about the language and enrich your vocabulary. You can stream or download their audio, and it is never a waste of time.

Habitantes Babbel is their main site offering a long list of useful language learning podcasts. Habitantes Babbel is their original podcast for learning Spanish only. With their great podcasts, you will be brought into the amazing traveling experience of two Spanish speakers named Néstor and Valeria as they talk about their journey. Moreover, they also wish their listeners to be encouraged to learn about new cultures and worlds too. You should definitely learn Spanish here if you are a curious and adventurous learner.

Palabras Bravas

Another podcast hosted by Babbel, this Spanish language podcast provides a more theoretical approach for intermediate to advanced learners. You will find amazing and elaborate works in grammar lessons. However, the idea is still to assist learners to have effective communication in Spanish. Students are expected to be able to create sentences with smart grammatical structure. And you will not be alone because Paula and Davd are two instructor who will help you improve your skills.


This podcast provides you with over 180 episodes of interesting and enriching scenarios. However, it is definitely a podcast for advanced level learners. When you open their websites, you will find a page written in Spanish only. Elaborate cultural lessons and intriguing stories are what to be expected in their heterogeneous series. Local musicians, chefs, architects, and more people with varied backgrounds are interviewed in order to provide you with language experience in different lives and communities.

CoffeeBreak Spanish

Last but not least, there is this popular language podcast. Hosted by Radio Lingua, Coffee Break Languages is a podcast series of language learnings, and CoffeeBreak Spanish is one of them. If you want to try learning Spanish, you can make this your first learning experience because CoffeeBreak Languages offers an awesome method. You will find 15-minute lessons to learn phrases from with a fellow teacher and students. Then you will have time to respond and repeat phrases you learn. Just like the name, it is a perfect learning accompany for your cup coffee on lunch breaks, your refreshing can of coffee on your way to work, or your fancy glass of iced latte on a cafe day.