Spanish Quotes

Learning Spanish quotes is another excellent way to improve your Spanish comprehension and vocabulary. It will give you an insight into the interesting history of Spanish and Latin American cultures, and the important people and events of these fascinating parts of the world.

Another valuable aspect of reading quotes in Spanish is that it will show you the way that the language has evolved over time. In many cases, quotes (especially those of historical significance) will be in classical Spanish that is more formal and structured than it is today.

Quotes in Spanish you may already know

There are a few Spanish quotes that you are probably already familiar with because they have been adopted into English and are commonly spoken in the English speaking world.

The first is “Mi casa es su casa”, which translates as “My house is your house”. In this quote you can see the possessive pronouns (that is, the words that express ownership of something) in action.

Another famous quote that is frequently used in English is “Qué sera sera”, which translates as “What will be, will be”. This was made popular in the English speaking world thanks to the well-known song of the same name. In this quote you can see the future tense conjugation of the verb “ser” (to be) in action.

More Famous Spanish Quotes

Surely, one of the most recognizable Spanish speaking historical figures is the Argentine revolutionary hero Ernesto “Che” Guevara. Although born in Argentina, Che become famous for his role in the Cuban revolution of the 1950’s. Che’s personal motto “Hasta la Victoria Siempre” (Until Victory Always) has become synonymous with revolutionary causes throughout the world.

When it comes to the art world, famous Spanish painter Pablo Picasso has left the world with many beautiful quotes about his profession. One of the most inspiring is:

“El artista es un receptáculo de emociones que vienen de todas partes, desde el cielo, de la tierra, de un pedazo de papel, de una forma pasajera, de una tela de araña.” (The artist is a receptacle for emotions that come from all over the place; from the sky, from the earth, from a scrap of paper, from a passing shape, from a spider’s web.)

Another modern Latin American figure who is remembered fondly (by most) for her famous public speeches and Spanish quotes is the former Argentine first-lady, Eva (Evita) Peron. Her strong connection with the people of Argentina was forged through the work that she did in the community for the rights of women and the poor. One of her best known quotes is:

“Yo sólo soy una mujer sencilla que vive para servir a Perón y mi gente.” (I am only a simple woman who lives to serve Peron and my people.)

If these quotes seem too difficult for you to learn or understand in the early days of your Spanish learning, don’t worry. There is one very popular, simple and inspiring Spanish quote that you can use and apply. It is:

Querer es poder” (to want is to be able to).