Speak French Fast with the Best Learning Methods

When you are trying to learn to speak French, it is important to know which learning style suits you the best. If you want to learn to speak French quickly, there are some practical methods you can use to enhance your French learning. The most important thing for learning to speak French fluently is to practice a lot in a stress-free environment.

Listening and speaking

Listen to some French text in short bits. It can be from a French language learning software or just any French book. Listen closely and repeat what you heard. Watch TV in French. Listen to what the characters say, repeat their lines and imitate their pronunciation and intonation. It doesn’t matter if you don’t understand everything that’s being said, the most important thing is to practice French conversation. Listen to French songs and sing along.

Talk to yourself while doing your everyday chores and explain what you are doing, for example “now I’m going to take some water from the fridge. I need a glass, and next I take some ice cubes…”.

Read French texts aloud and aim for fluency. This is a great way to get used to the French sentences and learn fluent French.

Don’t worry if you don’t understand everything. Concentrate on whole sentences and don’t worry about not understanding some individual words. The main thing is that you understand what’s being talked about. Try using French with native speakers or even go study French in France! You think you can’t speak French? Try to get over it and jump into it. Remember that you can always ask them to repeat what they said or speak slower. Actually speaking the language is how to speak French fluently after a wile.


Reading texts in your own native language makes it easier to understand texts in a foreign language. Make sure you read enough! You can read anything: blogs, magazines, books..

Think about your learning style and choose the most suitable way for you understand the true meaning of the text.

If you are a visual learner, choose a quiet place without any distractions, and read the text. Take a moment to visualize what you just read in your mind. That helps you to understand and remember the text.

If you are an auditive learner, read the text aloud or record it, and listen to it. You can also ask someone else to read the text to you. You might learn better while listening to the music while reading, but try to avoid music with any vocals. The research shows that hearing any spoken language (even if you don’t know the language) disturbs the learning process. Also, random noises can make it harder to concentrate.

If you are mostly a kinesthetic learner, do something while reading. Sit on a gym ball, exercise on a treadmill, have something in your hands or move around. You can also try recording the text and listening to it while doing other things. Take breaks if you feel that you need them.

There are numerous different ways to study written text. Try reading the table of content and trying to guess what the text will be about, underlining, making mind maps, asking questions from yourself, making summaries.. Find your preferred learning style and make the best of it!


Writing is a good way to learn a foreign language. You learn through the physical act of writing as well.

Writing is another area where there are various techniques available, so if this area is something you are especially interested in, you may want to do some extra reading to learn all about different writing methods. I’ll introduce one way to create factual text for your language studying. Writing is a good way to teach yourself French.

First, choose a topic to write about. Then write a short introduction, and start talking about the topic. Depending on the subject matter, you can continue by writing about the pros and cons or answer questions like who, what, where, when, how and why. Then finish with a summary or solution. Some people like to write different parts of the text first and then finalize the text by rearranging their paragraphs, whereas other people prefer to create the final product right on the first attempt. In any case finish by proof-reading your whole text.