The Benefits Of Speaking French Fluently

There is a big difference between speaking French, and speaking French fluently. Many people can speak a little French, and are able to say some basic words and phrases, but is this really what you want? With a bit more effort and applied focus, it is possible to truly achieve fluency. Being fluent in French opens up a number of new avenues and opportunities.


Think of just how much more you can get out of a holiday to France if you are truly fluent in French. You can easily break away from the tourist traps and get so see the real France. You will be able to converse freely with locals, find out the best places to eat, drink, stay and visit, straight from those who are best placed to give such a recommendation – the people who have lived there all their lives. Being fluent in French will make your trips to France much more enjoyable, and will avoid many of the frustrations that can come from travelling to a non English speaking country.

Work And Live In France

If you have learnt to speak French fluently, then you have the opportunity to live and work in France. Perhaps you are looking for a new start, or maybe you just love French food and culture. I love Paris and plan to live and work there in starting in 2011 – this would be just a dream if I hadn’t managed to learn to speak French fluently.

Assist Your Career Or Business In Your Home Country

Perhaps your company does business with French customers? Speaking French fluently opens up a number of potentially lucrative opportunities at home. Employees who are fluent in another language are rare and in big demand. Speaking French fluently can be a very lucrative skill, and significantly increases your employability, and the number of jobs you are eligible to do. It is always good to continually learn new skills in the job market, and learning to speak French is a great way to do this. French customers will be impressed by your ability to speak their language, and this could easily sway a contract in your favour.

Meet New People

Get involved in the local French community, meet likeminded people, and expand your circle of friends. I have made several French friends since becoming fluent in French, and I believe that having a friendships with people from other countries really broadens and improves your outlook on life. I have always loved French culture and food, so it is great to really get to know people I otherwise would not have met.

Speaking Multiple Languages Is Fun

Most Americans only speak English. I found it just plain fun learning a new language, and being able to speak fluently is really cool, and impresses lots of people J It is something that sets your apart from most other people, and it’s great being able to communicate in two different languages.

These are just my opinions of why speaking French fluently is great – what are yours?