The Best Way To Learn Spanish Is No Secret

The best way to learn Spanish is to be a kid and grow up in a Spanish speaking country. Now, of course you cannot time travel yourself back to that age. Indeed, you may be any age. The fact that people learn Spanish way into their 80s as new speakers is testimony to the fact that there are many ways to keep learning Spanish.

Any best way of anything is always subject to limitations. So, the first thing is to recognize the limitations that you had. Kids learn any language fast because their right in the middle in the thick of it. They don’t even think about learning a new language as they communicate with their peers and the culture around them. The best way to learn Spanish is to be a kid.

So, immersion in the Spanish language and its culture is obviously a royal road to become a good Spanish speaker. By all means, find yourself a good Spanish immersion school in a Spanish speaking country of your choice. But not everybody can afford to travel to Ecuador, Guatemala, Mexico, or Spain to do this. So we must find other ways to immerse ourselves.

Spanish lessons online or any Spanish language software, or on CD is your first line of attack. There are a number of Spanish language packages that allow you to study in these ways. And you don’t have to assume that it will be a lonely adventure between you in the computer because a number of these Spanish language courses include various interactive components.

But if you want to get the best part of such courses there is much you can do yourself.

Play games

Be a kid! Involve your family in your learning and play a Spanish language board game. That way you will also have an instant community of Spanish language learners around you. One such board game is called, Comprendo and you can buy it online. How to speak Spanish? Play! Isn’t THAT the best way to learn Spanish?

Watch television

Choose your local Spanish television channel, if you have one. If you don’t or even if you do try the LoMásTv, Yabla online language immersion TV program. Unlike a regular TV programme its extra is included Spanish and English captions and integrated dictionaries and listening exercises.

Read Spanish magazines

The language in these magazines is said in an obvious context, provided by the abundant pictures on any page. But there is also Think Spanish magazine, specifically for Spanish language learners.

Read Spanish newspapers

Like magazines and newspapers give you lots of clues as to the content of what you are reading. You will be amazed at how fast you will pick up the Spanish language this way. Why speak Spanish? It keeps your grey cells healthy.

Watch Spanish movies

There are many enjoyable Spanish movies, notably those by Aldomovar. Learn as you enjoy yourself. Thuis, I think, is my best way to learn Spanish.

Read books

Once you have made little headway in your Spanish lessons online you will be ready to start reading books with relatively simple Spanish. It is quite important to learn how the spoken language looks in writing. This will help you learn faster.

Face-to-face classes

Supplement your learning with a turn or two in your local Spanish language provider, learning alongside others.

Get yourself a penpal

Find a Spanish penpal program and you will have yourself a free interactive Spanish language course, be it at the pace of your postman.

Find Spanish friends in your street

It is very likely that there are Spanish speaking people in your street. Find them, invite them and learn.

So you can see there is now one best way to learn Spanish. It is a matter of recognizing your limitations and all those options open to you to accelerate your Spanish lessons.