The Chinese Mind

The Asian continent is a wonderful and interesting territory because of its wonderful features that attract thousands of western people each year. The map of Asia includes several powerful countries with a huge cultural and historical heritage. As an example we can mention Korea, Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, China, and Indonesia. Each country is completely different from each other in many aspects such as the language, the cuisine, the history, the architectonic style and the religion.

However, the majority of the Asian countries have the same goal which is to become economic leaders in the world. For instance, we can mention the country of China. This country is quite representative in Asia; it has one of the most stable and prosperous economies in the world nowadays.

Chinese important inventions

Since ancient times the Chinese people have shown intelligence, brightness and the ability to create and elaborate new inventions to improve the world. In fact, some of the ideas that Chinese people came up with in the past are used and have a big relevance nowadays. Here is a list of some important inventions that Chinese people created.

  • Paper.
  • Row Crops.
  • Fireworks.
  • Gun Powder.
  • Flame thrower.
  • Parachutes.
  • Compass.
  • Rudder.
  • The Wheelbarrow.

Nowadays, China is the favorite country to invest in business and plenty of western people are setting up businesses in the principal cities of China. Moreover, western people are currently visiting different cities of China because they are interested in learning Chinese mandarin.

There are a large number of language schools, universities and Chinese institutes around the country. However, the most visited city for foreigners is Hong Kong. Hong Kong is a vibrant, colorful, crowded and cultural city in Asia. It has amazing characteristics that attract thousands of people each year.

Hong Kong people

Although the Hong Kong weather is quite unpredictable with a strong rain and sunshine; local people consider Hong Kong as the best place to visit and live in. the city was strongly influenced by the British culture. That is why that the majority of the population in Hong Kong speaks Chinese Cantonese and English.

Hong Kong is a strategic city and a fundamental key in the economy of China because of its principal deepwater port that connects China with the rest of the world commercially with the trading manufactured goods. It is situated in the South part of China Sea and it is considered the busiest port in the entire world. There are a large number of used boats, cargo ships, and cruises in the area.

Also known as the Oriental Pearl, Hong Kong is also one of the principal financial centers in China. It is located on the southeast part of the country and occupies the total area of 1,104 Km2 (426 square miles.) The population is about 6,970,000 inhabitants approximately. The city is divided in four strategically parts which includes the Outlying Island, the Kowloon Peninsula, the New territories and the Hong Kong Island. There are several Hong Kong entertainment centers like the Ocean Park, Snoopy Park, Hong Kong Disneyland and the Noah’s Ark.