The Hands Down Fastest Way To Learn French

Learning French fast is all about learning the language as quickly as possible, while maintaining proper grammatical understanding. This means that in order to truly learn French in the quickest time possible, you really need to have access to the best resources and the best tools available so you don’t waste any time when you’re in the learning zone.

We are firm believers in a three step plan which is a very basic outline to learning French (you can see step 1 above). Basically, the three step plan is an extremely streamlined process for the learning of French which works exceedingly well. Here is the three step plan for your reference:

  1. Use a quality French course to learn a solid foundation of knowledge. Use the proven techniques and experience of French course teachers to learn a strong base of knowledge. This will allow you to learn the basics of the language enough to be able to speak French confidently after just a few weeks.
  2. Get out and talk to fluent French speakers to get the most real world practice. To build both confidence and knowledge, it is vitally important to actually talk to fluent French speakers as much as you can. This will give you more experience and knowledge than a French course ever could.
  3. Keep speaking French for at least 30 minutes every day. To keep improving on what you’ve learned, make sure you practice your French every single day. As a little rule of thumb, make sure you practice for at least 30 minutes.

Now, using this for learning French fast is pretty easy. Because this plan is all about giving you the correct knowledge and information exactly when you need it, it not only builds your knowledge exponentially, it also means that you learn in sequence. In essence, your learning is streamlined because you don’t have to go back and repeat things. It’s all laid out on a plate for you, which means you’ve just got to go through it properly in order to learn French quickly.

In order to use this plan to learn French in the fastest way possible, here are some pointers which you should utilize:

  • Make your French practice into a routine which you perform every single day. This routine should mean that you use your French course at around the same time every day and/or practice your French at the same time every day as well. This will help your learning because not only does it provide consistency, it also helps you to remember what you learned previously, hence stopping the need to go back and repeat lessons.
  • Take everything the course says as truth and work through it like a robot. The more you question what the course says, the more sidetracked you get, which means the longer it will take you to learn French. Everything in French courses has been put there for a reason, by qualified professionals, which means it must be true. Just remember that and power through the course as fast as you can!
  • Practice any French you learn with real people. This may sound obvious to some, but you really need to get out there and start talking with people in French if you’re going to make any sort of headway with your learning. Doing this will not only build your confidence but will also help you learn some fun slang and colloquial phrases, too.
  • Don’t be afraid to try new things. Learning French is something that takes time and dedication. We’ve given you a simple blueprint of what we would do to learn French, but there’s definitely nothing wrong with trying new techniques or methods!

The general motto of this article is basically the fact that you can seriously improve the speed by which you learn French, simply by sticking to your guns and focusing on getting to where you want to be in the quickest time possible.

The main thing is to get started with a French course and get learning the basics before anything else. If you want to constantly improve and progress, you’ll want to get a foundation of French knowledge and skills all sorted out in your mind before you try and build on that knowledge.