Types of Exercises to Learn to Read English

Many times ESL students learn to speak English but continue to have trouble reading English even after they become quite fluent in the language. Keeping your reading skills on a par with your spoken English is essential if you are to succeed in business and if you develop good habits early on – like reading a newspaper regularly – will help your reading skills.

When just starting to learn to read English you can use exercises that can be found online to help you – some are games like Bingo that will help you with your letters and numbers as well as telling time and knowing prices. Other exercises help with the calendar – days of the week and months and takes you through easy ways to remember.

Phonics exercises will give students the sounds of the letters because like any other language English has its idiosyncrasies that can cause confusion and often does even with native English speakers! Other exercises focus on specific areas that you might need in your daily life: health issues, how to talk to a doctor, how to read a medicine label or deal with a specific illness like diabetes.

The importance of reading is essential for anyone who resides in the United States to be able to effectively function. Online exercises, reading the newspaper and going to the library will all help to improve your reading skills so that you can easily get a job, go to the dentist, look for an apartment or shop for a particular type of clothing. You will be able to read ads and answer them for employment.

In a new city you will need to get around so learning how to read a map is essential to carry on with your day to day activities. Don’t be left behind – keep your reading skills up to speed and you won’t be left behind!