Why Learn Chinese Language

The most obvious answer would be the growing economy of the People’s Republic of China and the myriad opportunities that will open for you economically speaking when you learn it. But learning Chinese will in fact let you access one of the oldest cultures in the world, grant you access to one fifth of world’s population and a better understanding of their different traditions and customs; not to mention all the types of art they have produced and keep producing, from literature to martial arts and from cuisine to music.

Reasons to Learn Chinese

There are many reasons to learn a language, but 1.2 billion people in the world justify learning Chinese. Here is how:

    • Chinese is spoken by nearly a fourth of the world’s population, 1.28 billion people.
    • There are many interesting cultures in the world, but learning Chinese will open the doors to the oldest and most complex cultures. A cultured so varied that it changes from region to region.
    • Imagine all the types of art to which you will have access through Chinese, not only literature, visual arts and music, but martial arts and cuisine as well.
    • By learning Chinese, you will be able to immerse in an ideographic-phonetic writing system that will encourage your brain to think different.
    • Unlike grammatical structure in many languages that follow a preset pattern, Chinese language follows a logical order related to Chinese thinking.
    • Chinese is the most influential culture in all of Asia.
    • Ever since the People’s Republic of China became the potentially biggest economy of the 21st century, learning Chinese became one of the most useful skills to increase income.
    • Speaking Chinese gives you an edge in business.
    • Learning Chinese allows you to have access to the large population living in Asia (one fifth of the world).
    • Speaking Chinese is a challenging experience that will set you a part from the crowd.
    • By learning Chinese, you will be learning a culture 5000 years old.It will surprise you how its writing structure allows current Chinese speakers to fluently understand a thousand-year old literature.
    • Such a complex Language as Chinese cannot be completely translated, so by learning the language and creating the new meanings in your mind, you will be able to have a clearer understanding of their poetry and literature as well.
    • Learning a language as multifaceted as Chinese will help you keep your mind sharper than learning any other language.
    • Unlike most Germanic and Romantic languages, Chinese verbs and nouns are not changed by time or number; while you have to learn words like see, saw and seen in Chinese you just have to learn the word “Kan” in Chinese.
    • Finally yet importantly, learning Chinese will give you an edge when you visit the country and will help you have a better understanding of their diverse traditions.