Why Learn Spanish

Motivation is worth 50% of any effort so asking the question why learn Spanish is primary and smart. There are  actually quite a number of very good reasons why studying Spanish is good for you.

Well let’s start with the most attractive reason for most of us…

It’s easy

Yes! Spanish is one of the easiest languages to learn. It’s quite amazing how much of its vocabulary is similar to English. Writing Spanish is even easier than writing English because a lot of it is completely phonetic. And basic Spanish grammar can be understood in a few lessons only. So if you are still wondering which language you want to learn, Spanish is a great first choice.

Why learn Spanish? It’s sheer numbers!

Spanish is the fourth most commonly spoken language in the world, after English, Chinese and … Hindustani! They are almost 400,000,000 Spanish speakers in more than 20 Spanish speaking countries.

In the USA the Hispanic population is around 10% and half its colleges teach Spanish. So you can easily see that there would be many reasons to speak Spanish, including for business, trade and commerce, travel, and cultural studies. There probably are Spanish speaking people living in your street. A great way to get to know your neighbours.

Good for your brain

Any physical or mentally stimulating exercise is good for your brain. Learning a second or third language is such a challenge then increases the neural network in your brain. The more challenging the activities and the more active you are the better your brain will work. So, you see the link between answering the question “why learn Spanish” and knowing how to learn Spanish?


Why learn Spanish? Yes, travel is another great exercise to keep your brain in shape. And with so many Latin American countries to go to, a Spanish speaker will get so much more out of their travel in those countries. Even if you only speak a few words of the language of the country you are visiting you will find its citizens appreciating your effort, resulting in a 100% increase in your travel satisfaction.

Understanding English better

The English language is for a large part based on Latin origins. For this we can thank the ancient Romans, and eventually the French, who brought it to Britain. You might be amazed about how much more meaning you will discover in various English words and how much better you will get in English grammar by studying Spanish grammar. So, why learn Spanish? By giving attention to your Spanish pronunciation you will find that even your English pronunciation will get better too. Winners all round!

It’s a highway to learning other languages

Now picture this: once you learn Spanish you will find learning other Latin-based languages quite easy. So, you might knock off French and Italian next, followed by Russian and German. Huh? Russian and German? Yes, they share Indo-European roots and have certain grammatical aspects that you find in Spanish but not in English. Clever you!

Employment and commerce

Knowing a second language, especially Spanish in the USA, heightens your chances of a bigger pay packet as well as greater employment opportunities. And, of course if you have any commercial interests in Spanish speaking countries your business will immediately reap the bottom line benefits from your knowledge of Spanish. So, why learn Spanish? It’s the bottom line.

Understand a different culture

Knowing only one language and one culture can make you stale. Spanish culture is rich. And languages are endlessly fascinating in giving an insight into how other human beings think. That can only be good for our own development and being as fully human as we possibly can be. In short, knowing more than one language is your important contribution towards a better world.

Take action

So now, are you fully grounded and charged after having answered the question “why learn Spanish?” Yes? Then you are properly motivated to take action, choose the Spanish course that is the best way to learn Spanish for you, and start speaking it.