Why You Must Learn English

Did you know that right now, approximately 1 billion people are trying to learn to speak and write English? Maybe that doesn’t impress you. Maybe you still don’t think learning another language is something that interests you. Your family and most of your friends have survived without learning English. Why should you bother? In truth, there are many good reasons that you, as a part of this generation, must learn English. Let’s talk about them.

1) You need to learn it because so many people either already speak / write English or are learning to do so. In fact, add the 1 billion who are learning it to the 1.5 billion who already know it, and you have about a quarter of the world’s population who will soon probably know English. So if you plan to do business with these people, speaking and writing English will help you to do so.

2) Almost every major world organization and function is administered in English. This includes the Olympics, the United Nations, and many others.  International trade is in language, and many websites use English as an intermediary language, capable of communicating to the most people across the globe. There is a huge amount of information available online, and such the majority of sites are in English, this information will only be available to you if you know English.

3) Learning English will help you better keep up with the world news. Most of the best known international news stations broadcast in English. This includes CNN, BBC, NBC International, and others. And all of these cover news, not only from English speaking countries, but news from all over the world. Likewise, you can find international newspapers in the English language all over the world.

4) Maybe most importantly, learning English will probably help you get better jobs in the future. English is known as the world’s international language of business. But even with local jobs, companies know that English-speaking people spend a lot of money, and they love hiring employees who can speak the language. Plus, if you decide to own your own business, it’s likely that many potential clients will speak only English.

These four reasons should make it obvious: You’ll be a better, more successful person if you do your best to master reading, writing and speaking English.