Working as a Chinese Translator

Today, translation schools have been growing worldwide. The fundamental aim of training multilingual professionals is to meet world business requirements. That’s why these professionals have global knowledge in different areas, because they daily translate different documents. Furthermore translators are the only authorized professionals to perform legal and technical translations.

The interest in these studies is because of the globalization process in all fields. Therefore organization and companies are looking for translators and interpreters in order to incorporate them to the company personnel. As translator you can work in translation agencies, language schools, universities, publishing companies among other important entities.

Translator profile

The translator’s profile is a professional with multilingual communication skills and proficiency in the target and mother language. These professionals know very well translation techniques such as linguistic and contextual analysis of texts. Finally they have to adapt every translation to the target culture in order to cause the same effect that had the original text.

On the other hand, the main function of an interpreter is to master the basic techniques of interpretation and have quick thinking and be fluent in both languages. In addition, the interpreter must master the techniques of analysis, synthesis and communication and be able to work efficiently as a team. Since translators have great job opportunities in big companies; it’s easy to search jobs in this field.

Working in teaching sector

Likewise, translators can work in specialized translation fields such as legal, technical, visual and literary. Nowadays most translators are applying for English teacher jobs working in the school teaching sector. According to statistics, 23% of translators work in their specialty, while 15% work as English teachers.

If you are a translator and want to work as an English teacher, here we recommend you some teacher interview questions and answers.

This questionnaire has the possible questions and answers that an interviewer could ask you. Remember that a job interview is the most important step in the job search process. If you want to have a great job interview, first you must prepare an excellent resume and cover letter that make great impression on employers. It is important to feel self-confident during the interview and answer questions with empathy.

On the other hand, if you are a translator, it is important to take the GMAT test. This test consists in the quantitative and verbal and analytical writing assessment. You have three hours to take the test.

This test helps also graduates that want to pursue advanced studies in business and management. If you are a translator and you are interested in the business world, we recommend you to take this test. It will open the doors to this highly competitive world.